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About our site

GingerScraps takes great pride in having excellent quality products!

All papers are 12 by 12 and 300 dpi. Embellishments are always 300 dpi.

GingerScraps in an all digital site. Nothing purchased will be shipped to you, these are not physical products, they are all digital products. 

You can use these products for strictly digital scrapbooking or you can print them out for more traditional scrapbooking. You can also choose to do a fun mix of digital and traditional scrapbooking otherwise know as Hybrid scrapbooking.

We LOVE to see what you create!! Please join us in the forum for lots of fun and show off your wonderful layouts in the gallery.

Any questions?... we have a large family that is ready and willing to help you! Make yourself at home and Happy Scrapping